JRZ Senior Goalie Stick GGS701



JRZ Senior Goalie Stick GGS701

JRZ is making its entrance in the stick industry with a brand new customizable stick concept. After years of experience in the hockey goalie equipement, JRZ now has its own Foam Core stick. Two diffrent designs will be offer, either white or natural. Once you pucrhase JRZ sticks, you received 2 colors vinyl stickers (one for each sides) that you can apply to your stick. The outline will stay silver and you can either let the JRZ letters black or apply your own colors with the vinyls (see below available colors). The paddle of the stick is made with PU Core, fiberglass and carbon. The blade is built with PU core and carbon laminate and the shaft is made of plywood and fiberglass laminate.

Order more, save more! Here are the price list for JRZ sticks:

Min          Max      Prix Unitaire

 1       –      2               87.00$ (US)          Regular price for 1 or 2 sticks

 3       –      5               78.00$ (US)          Use promo code “3 sticks” in cart to receive the discount

 6 ++                           69.00$ (US)          Use promo code “6 sticks” in cart to receive the discount

Prices are adjusted once you entered the promo code in your cart.

Available thourgh different sizes:

Intermediate: 23″

Senior: 24″, 25″, 26″, 27″, 28″

Weight: 810g

Available Pattern: L41

Available colors :



-Olympic Blue







Natural, White




Left (Regular), Right ( Full Right)


24", 25", 26", 27", 28"


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