The best blades for players and goalkeepers

Pro Black DLC

Carbon technology for optimal glide

Professional hockey players appreciate and recognize the difference that the carbon nanoparticle coating makes to their on-ice performance. You, too, can enjoy the lowest friction coefficient on a hockey blade. During a game, optimal glide helps you conserve energy and use it when you need it, thus maintaining an edge over your opponents. The mirror finish and hardness of the steel also protect the integrity of the blade edge, even in impacts with other equipment. This results in less frequent sharpening and longer blade life.

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Pro Steel

Superior finish, sharper edge

PRO STEEL delivers optimal sharpness by using the industry's most advanced and unique blade-sharpening techniques. With unparalleled precision tools, we achieve a perfectly balanced blade with an unmatched 90-degree edge.

This exceptional level of blade finish quickly won over top hockey players, who appreciate the excellent glide, greater speed, and increased performance in turns and stops. Your confidence level will never have been higher!

Available online soon, contact us to order now.