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Blocker PZ-1


JRZ is finally back with it’s own brand after manufacturing goalie equipment for others over the past 20 years. JRZ is proud to introduce its new PZ-1 Prime series. With the following prices for a custom pro set, JRZ is by far the most exciting product at the most affordable price. All our gear is hand made in Quebec, Canada.


  • Price: 350$ CAD (280$ USD)
  • Weight: 1.80 lb


  • Reinforced blocker with square shape.


  • You can also decide the type of grip you want. No grip (full Nash, double layer reinforced), center only, center + thumb or center + fingers. This helps for those playing with foam core sticks without grip.

  • Wide opening allows your blocker to fit in and protect your wrist without compromising your movement.


Other information
  • Blocker palm will be offer in 3 different sizes: Intermediate, Senior or Senior X-Large. 
  • A professional quality blocker at an affordable price!




Blocker Prime PZ-1Blocker Prime PZ-1 JRZBlocker Prime PZ-1


Customize Yours


For custom sporting goods, this is us ! We are able to design and produce your equipment, adding your logo and colours.You will have a fully customized product according to your needs!






If you have any question, you can e-mail us at kEncEmailtbmftAks{/db or call us 418-661-1410



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