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Complete Set PZ-1


JRZ is finally back with it’s own brand after manufacturing goalie equipment for others over the past 20 years. JRZ is proud to introduce its new PZ-1 Prime series. With the following prices for a custom pro set, JRZ is by far the most exciting product at the most affordable price. All our gear is hand made in Quebec, Canada.


  • Price: 2150$ CAD (1720$ USD)
Production Time
  • Once your equipment is ordered with us, your set should be ready within 6 weeks !


  • For custom colours, there are several zones you can work with.
  • You can also create your very own design. If ever you have something in mind, no project is too complex or detailed for us. Whether you want flames or your team logo on your pads.

Customization Level

We have different price levels for these kind of projects.

  • Level 1: Leg Pads (150$ CAD) Trapper (70$ CAD) Blocker (70$ CAD)
  • Level 2: Leg Pads (200$ CAD) Trapper (85$ CAD) Blocker (85$ CAD)
  • Level 3: Leg Pads (250$ CAD) Trapper (95$ CAD) Blocker (95$ CAD)


Other information


See : Prime PZ-1 Catch Glove - Prime PZ-1 Blocker - Prime PZ-1 Leg Pads




Customize Yours


For custom sporting goods, this is us ! We are able to design and produce your equipment, adding your logo and colours.You will have a fully customized product according to your needs!






If you have any question, you can e-mail us at kEncEmailtbmftAks{/db or call us 418-661-1410



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