ELITE Blade Performance Technology offers an integrated blade care system which helps players find their perfect blade and maintain its performance characteristics over time.

Extreme Precision
Maximum Consistency
Superior Performance
Increased Confidence

The E-P3 Profiler

The E-P3 Profiler Machine provides precise custom profiling with the widest selection of profiles available on the market.

At the highest levels of competitive hockey, the performance advantages of skate blade profiling are well known. Even subtle changes in blade shape have a profound impact on player performance on the ice. However, producing a wide range of player blade profiles accurately, quickly, and easily has been virtually impossible until recently.

The ELITE E-P3 Profiler changes everything. Representing the next generation of innovation in blade profiling, the E-P3 is the most precise, most efficient, and most versatile profiling machine on the market today, offering the widest range of profile options.

The E-S4 Automated Sharpener

The E-S4 automated sharpener is the only fully computerized, automated sharpening machine that preserves the blade profile perfectly, every time.

The E-S4 is a revolutionary machine that has reimagined the critical materials, practices and processes of skate sharpening to deliver blade performance like no other system in use today.

The E-S4 uses steel wheels to guarantee consistent hollows, a center-mount clamp to ensure symmetrical edges, and a computer automated cutting process to preserve the integrity of the blade shape. It is the only system on the market today that can maintain blade profile integrity with precision and consistency for the life of the blade.

Together, the E-P3 blade profiler and the E-S4 skate sharpening system represent a revolutionary advancement in the science of blade preparation.

Your performance starts with your blades


Find the right profile to increase your performance.


Choose the right sharpening hollow to optimize your performance.


Maintain your blade consistency by sharpening your blades with the E-S4 automated sharpener.

Come and meet us at our Quebec City performance center to try out our multiple profiles and find out which one is best for you!

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