Nano surface
Mega performance

The surface of each PRO BLACK DLC blade is coated with a layer of carbon nanoparticles providing unparalleled edge hardness and sharpness. Like a high-quality knife, there is no deburring of the edge during sharpening. The mirror finish, obtained by a unique process, accentuates the quality of the glide. Edge hardness resists impacts with other equipment and the blade keeps its edge longer… a real advantage for a player when the action gets intense!

The carbon particles, with a hardness comparable to that of diamond, reduce friction with water molecules and provide a surface of exceptional strength.

Precision, redefined

The JRZ team has rewritten the quality standards for skate blades. It all starts with a verification of the physical properties of the stainless steel designed specifically for the manufacture of skate blades. We carry out numerous quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.

Exceptional edge bite

The superior hardness of the blade's cutting edge allows it to glide with unmatched finesse across the ice, improving confidence and precision in turns and better response in stops.

Player blade: 10 foot radius
Goalie blade:30 foot radius

Unrivalled and consistent accuracy

Players can rely on increased stability owing to the care taken during blade profiling with our unique equipment and processes. With a tolerance of one thousandth of an inch, blade profiles are consistent and identical on the same pair. Your sharpening expert will appreciate this feature.