Fusion FZ-1 leg pads


JRZ is proud to introduce its new FZ-1 Fusion series. All our gear is hand made in Quebec, Canada.

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Price : 1375$ CAD (1100$ USD)

Weight for one leg pad 34"+1 : 4.8 lb



Price : 995$ CAD (795$ USD)

Weight for one leg pad 32" + 1 :  4.5 lb






Leg pads - Fusion FZ-1 2019

Fusion leg padsFusion Leg Pads


Fusion Leg Pads 2019Fusion





"Hips Saver" system with low tension bungee rope designed to reduce stress on the hips and the length of the rope














Ultra rigid curved construction giving a explosive rebounds and full butterfly closure

Thin profile reduces interference between the two leg pads while standing

Unique construction of the outer roll. Allow the graphic to continue on the side of the leg pad.

FRP "Fiber reinforced plastic" inserting at the level of the thigh. Prevent unwanted torsion from the top of the leg pads without compromising weight

3 stiffness modes for flexibility availables

M.A.S 2.0


The M.A.S 2.0 or “Mobile Adjustable System” is a double velcro fastening system for the calf for quick and easy adjustment















32" (81,28 cm) to 37" (93,98 cm)


10" ½ width ( 30" –32 ") 

10" width ( 28" - 29")


View our size chart ( Here )










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