JRZ is finally back with it’s own brand after manufacturing goalie equipment for others over the past 20 years. JRZ is proud to introduce its new PZ-1 Prime series. With the following prices for a custom pro set, JRZ is by far the most exciting product at the most affordable price. All our gear is hand made in Quebec, Canada.



Price: 1375$ CAD (1100$ USD)

Weight for one leg pad : 5.35 lb (35"+1)






Le MAS Mobile Adjustable System-min

Mobile Adjustable System

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Our new SHS “Swivel Hips Saver” toe bridge moves with the skate when needed which makes it easier on the hips and provides you the mobility you need  for quick pushes. You can also have standard skate laces.





Choose the core of your pads. You can decide if you want an inner and/or outer breaks. That way, you decide if you want a soft or a stiff leg pad. 






The MAS “Mobile Adjustable System” is a new way to tie up your leg pads. It can be moved up and down for you to decide where you want it and adjust the tabs on the opposite side. Once everything is in place, just clip the magnet and you get the same closure everytime.




The available sizes are 32" (81,28 cm) à 37" (93,98 cm)

View our size chart ( Here )







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